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Workplace Safety
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Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace safety is still a significant concern as millions of workers are affected from work-related illnesses and injuries during their employment, costing businesses and the NHS thousands.

What Is A Workplace?

A workplace is defined as "any premises or part of premises which are not domestic premises and are made available to any persons as a place of work, and includes -

  • (a) Any place within the premises to which such person has access while at work
  • (b) Any room, lobby, corridor, staircase, road or other place used as a means of access to or egress from that place of work or where facilities are provided for use in connection with the place of work other than a public road."

Key Health and Safety Statistics

We analyse workplace injuries, health concerns and economic costs to Britain of 2013/14, compared to the 2012/13 period, which shows a shocking increase.

Working days lost

Working Days Lost

28.2 million working days were lost due to work-related illnesses and workplace injury. This is a 1.2 million increase when compared to the previous year. 23.5 million days were lost due to work-related ill health and a further 4.7 million due to injuries in the workplace. This is the highest it has been since 2009, where 28.5 million working days were lost.

Injuries at work

629,000 workplace injuries occurred during 2013/14 according to the Labour Force Survey, of which 148,000 led to more than 7 days absence. Last year there were a total of 175,000 reported injuries that led to more than 7 days absence. In cases defined as over-7-days absence, there is a 15% decrease when compared to the previous year.

Injuries At Work

Ill health

Work-related Ill Health

0.5 million new cases of ill health were reported during 2013/14 taking the total of ill health cases to 1.2 million for the past year. This is close to the previous period which had a total of 1.1 million cases. During 2013/14 2535 people died from mesothelioma (mainly caused by asbestos poisoning), a 9.6% increase compared to the 2291 deaths last year.

Economic cost to Britain

Injuries and illness related to the workplace has an estimated cost to society of £14.2 billion, an increase from £13.8 billion for the previous period. This is a staggering cost to the government and businesses due to healthcare costs, sick pay, legal costs and working days lost. We have compiled a list below to show what £14 billion could be used for.

Cost Of Injuries

The Cost Of Workplace Injury

Billions are the basic unit for any government, but it can be difficult to comprehend such vast amounts of money. So what could this £14 billion cost to society really be spent on?

  • Two flagship hospitals
  • 167,000 hip replacements.
  • 1.4 million hospital day cases.
  • 2.5 million eight-hour talking therapy sessions for mental health patients.
  • Two navy frigates.
  • 40 Challenger 2 tanks.
  • 8,500 army troops.
  • 27,000 primary school teachers.
  • 22,000 high school teachers.
  • 16,600 new social homes
  • 180,000 new public sector jobs.
  • 100,000 families could receive financial support.
  • Universal childcare support

Your Rights To Legal Action

In Britain, employers and business owners are required to take out employers' liability protection insurance and conform to health & safety regulations for all staff whilst on their premises. In the case that your employer failed to meet these responsibilities leading to injury or ill health, you may be able to bring a claim for workplace compensation.

You will need to prove that your employer was at fault, depending on the type of case you may need to give evidence of the following:

  • Poor maintenance of premises or machinery causing injury.
  • Unsuitable / no protective equipment (Such as ear protection or breathing apparatus where required).
  • Instructed to perform a dangerous practice or procedure.
  • Toxic substances or noxious environment.
  • Falling objects causing injury
  • Negligent co-workers & assault in the workplace
  • Not adhering to the Health & Safety regulations.

Bringing A Claim

As with all personal injury or clinical cases, the most significant aspect of filing a work accident claim is to prove the injury or ill health was caused by your employer's negligence. It is important to appoint a personal injury solicitor to represent you and assemble all the evidence to present it against the at-fault party to enable you to receive compensation.

The standard time limit to bring a claim for an accident at work is 3 years from the date of personal injury. In the case of the workplace injury being ill health, such as asbestosis or hearing loss, you have 3 years from initial diagnosis by a healthcare professional to start the claim process.

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If you have any questions or require free advice about an injury in the workplace or ill health due to the negligence of an employer, don't hesitate to contact us on 0161 763 8260. You can also send us a message on our contact us page.

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